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A New Beginning

The '"New Beginning" Collection was created for me just as much as it was for you. just as it represents change and a "rebirth" for whoever wearing it, the same goes for me while creating it. For me it represents trying new things and bringing people together. And it's an embodiment of the things in my life as well as the lives of others, it represents people and the fact that anybody can get a fresh start if they choose to do so. The left chest logo is essentially a demon. By looking at the eyes and mouth you can either assume it's dead or its drunk, either one fits. The teardrop can either be interpreted as an actual teardrop or a teardrop tattoo, again, either one fits. And finally the cross represents that no matter where we are in life, even hell, we are still going somewhere. There's a few other thoughts that went into making it too such as; the road to hell is paved with good intentions, even bad people have good in them, and even people who are believe they are good people, those who are religious, those who try and flaunt their good deeds, or those who are just oblivious of their actions can be bad as well. Then there's the sleeve print logo. That logo is actually the main logo and it was created by taking the letters from the abbreviation for the name (UAUO) and putting them together, added some horns and some eyes and I got a neat logo. Then there's the backpiece logo. It's just the letters U and N made into somewhat of a 3D optical illusion in the sense that it can't be physically created the way that it's portrayed. At least without changing any of the dimensions or cutting a piece out and overlapping them. Anyways  the reason why that's there is 1. because it's what breaks the acronym from UU to UAUO. by breaking apart the prefix you get a different meaning: (UN) AUTHENTIC (UN) ORIGINAL. Also I think it's definitely a pretty powerful prefix considering that its only 2 letters but it completely changes the meaning of the word that follows it to its opposite. This can be good or bad depending on the word. I think that pretty much sums up the theme of the brand and just people in general. You only have to make one little change in your life to completely change it or turn it around.

And that's what this collection and this brand is all about.

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  • Love the concept!! Getting the squad involved was ingenious. Looking forward to your future work!

    Tha House

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