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Everybody always has a nichè.
Everybody has their own vision and place in the world. Everybody tries so hard to be different, most of their designs aren't even good they're just different, because everyone who does something new has their thing that they do and nobody wants to be seen as a thief or someone who bites everybody's ides. But the thing about living in the 21st century is, almost everything's been done. Most questions humans have had in the last 100 years have been answered and there's already almost an invention for every need. I say almost because they're still are more questions to answer and more things to invent, but people are so focused on doing new things and being original that they don't focus on whether some questions are worth figuring out and whether their new invention is going to solve any problems or have a purpose. What I personally think, is that if humans as a collective stopped spending as much energy and resources asking questions that aren't relevant and making new things that we don't need just because we can, and spent more energy doing more research on the things we know to find out more about them and improving things we already have that we might answer questions we didn't even know we had and have much more efficient tools that are more cost efficient and easier to produce. 
Now I'm not saying don't ask new questions and don't try to make new things, all I'm saying is there are already people doing those things everyday, and they're all fighting over which question they came up with and what question they answered and who made what first. What I'm trying to do is make things better. While they're fighting and arguing, I want to take things that already exist and reinvent them. I want to expand on ideas and conversations that other people have already started. Now if I took something that somebody had already made and added to it or improved it and tried to sell it as my own original invention or idea, then it would be branded as unauthentic. And if I gave credit to whoever first came up with it and sold out as something I added to or improved, then it would be branded as unoriginal. And what better name to call the brand that combines both of these concepts harmoniously, than the titles of the foundation on which it was created on.

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