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Mistakes and Failures

Mistakes and failures, wrong decisions. 
You wouldn't be here if it wasn't for them.
Evolution is a result of genetic mutations,
Evolutionarily mistakes, failures of correctly replicating dna. And the thing about these genetic mutations is, that they don't happen to a group of animals they happen to only one, there might have been an ape that had more intelligence than us humans and would've evolved us into a super race but got struck by lightning so that never happened because he didn't get a chance to produce offspring. The fact that you're sitting here right now reading this, being able to comprehend what I'm saying to you and formulate am opinion about it is a miracle. If it weren't for millions of years of evolution, countless extinct species various environmental factors and the universe putting specs of dust together in a specific way you wouldn't be here right now. Isn't that a weird thought? We have different classes, different races, different cultures and wars but if you think about it we really are all the same, not just as a race but as a person. Every human being can be traced back to string of genetic mutations that all started from 1 organism, and so, we are all this one being, we are all the direct result of a sequence of mistakes. And that's what life is all about. Human beings share about 99.9 percent of the same DNA with each other. That means, on a biological level, we are all only 0.01 percent different from each other. In contrast we share about 90 percent of the same DNA with chimpanzees. So really we share more I'm common with each other than we think, and that goes for all living beings on Earth.
"Every human genome is different because of mutations—"mistakes" that occur occasionally in a DNA sequence. When a cell divides in two, it makes a copy of its genome, then parcels out one copy to each of the two new cells. Theoretically, the entire genome sequence is copied exactly, but in practice a wrong base is incorporated into the DNA sequence every once in a while, or a base or two might be left out or added. These mistakes—"changes" might be a more accurate word, because they are not always bad news—are called mutations."
It's because of these mistakes that every single person living on Earth isn't an exact replica of each other. These genetic mutations, or mistakes are what make you unique, they're what make you, you. So why shouldn't it be the same for all the mistakes that we make, these mistakes are what separate you from me and me from the other guy. They're just as much a part of you as every triumph and victory, and should be appreciated and cherished just the same.
Anything could happen in any way, good or bad, and it would have just as much significance.
You might gain something from a good or bad situation, but you never truly lose anything unless you fail to see the significance of it. Every single thing flows into the next and leads you to where you are right now. 
Sometimes we get to caught up and distracted by the view to realize that it was built on a weak foundation. And when it crumbles and you're back where you started surrounded by rubble, it just gives you an opportunity to build a stronger foundation to go higher and get a better view


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