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I believe that life is made up of defining moments, not many, just a few. A few moments that change the course of our lives, every decision and action has lead up to those moments and we don't get to choose those moment's, but we get to choose the actions that lead up to that point. But that doesn't make all those small things insignificant, in fact if it wasn't for every single small insignificant thing, every bad choice or wrong decision, every embarrassment, every humiliation, every missed opportunity has allowed you to experience that moment. And that's yours forever, nobody will ever get to have that moment other than you and nobody can take that away from you. So in a way every bad thing I've ever experienced is more valuable than all the good. These experiences are what make us who we are and nobody else will ever be able to be be be us. And that's important. You're the only person who will ever be you. Nobody will ever get to have your memories, nobody will ever have your life nobody will ever see things the way you do, through your eyes. Your life is the most valuable thing there is because out of everything in the universe that ever was and that ever will be, there will only ever be one of you.
"Every path is the right path, everything could've been anything else and it would have just as much meaning"
Things are only valuable when you assign value to them, once you realise that, it sets you free. You choose what's important and what isn't. So whatever matters to you is the only thing that matters. 
So what's matters to you? 


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