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The most valuable thing in existence.

Human life is the most valuable and priceless thing in the world. We are living in the most dangerous and violent time in human history. It's you're duty as a human being to do everything within your power to to move the human race foward as a species and unite with every other person without prejudice or hatred. Because we're all the same, humans of earth and nothing more. Although I'm sure there's intelligent life out there in the universe. There is a small chance that there isn't. And if that's the case we have the responsibility of keeping earth and all of its inhabitants safe and thriving, because if earth dies, it's possible that all the life within the entire universe dies with it. And like I said earlier, life is a the most valuable thing that exists. We've survived every hardship that has presented itself so far, against all odds our planet sustains life and is the only planet we know of that is able to. But the way things are going, I fear we may not survive each other. Out of all the things that are likely to end the human race it seems like the most likely to do so are humans themselves. The chances of you being born is astronomically low, yet here you are. Everyone is here for a reason. Don't take it for granted and always do what you can to move foward, as a person and as member of the human race. At times like this I'm deeply disappointed and saddened by us as humans but also inspired and optimistic because of all the good people in the world that do everything they can to help those in need, but that's what people should be doing at all times regardless of the situation. If that were the case I think these types of things wouldn't happen as often and we'd be better equipped to handle them. In closing, the only thing that can stop hatred is love, as cliche as it sounds. So love every person you encounter as if they were your family, because they are. We are all family members of the human race and we need to realise that before it's too late.

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