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Viva La Revolución

I love rap music probably more than anybody, but I grew up on all different types of music. Classical, rock/punk, R&B, hip hop, jazz, etc. So I think now I have a lot more appreciation for music in general, and the instrumentals and lyrical content. But I feel like most of the rap nowadays is just so blunt. There's no symbolism and deeper meaning, you don't have to think about the music. Mostly it's; 'I have a lot of money, I bought a new car, and my clothes are this brand.' Don't get me wrong, I love this music and play it just as much as everyone else. But every once in awhile I want to have something to think about when I'm done listening to the song, not just think about what song I'm going to play next. In this regard, I like older music and rap because they had something to say, the songs they made had a reason to exist. That's why they were so influential and such an important part of culture that they were considered classics. Because they had a message that people needed to hear. And it wasn't necessarily original, people have struggled in every era in existence, but it made you think. It started a discussion, made people question what was normal and generally accepted. And that's what I want U.A.U.O to be about. It may be offensive like a lot of revolutions, new things, and movements are. But as long as it made you think at all, started a discussion, or made you question social norms, then I have achieved my goal and hopefully it will inspire you in some way to do something. Make you think differently or just piss you off, either way it's serving its purpose, it has a reason to exist. It's not just another shirt in the world that we all know the world doesn't need. You can go get a $5 T-Shirt at Walmart that does the job and that's all you need. So if you're going to make something, or if you're going to wear something, it has to represent something, have a meaning and have a purpose.
And it's my goal for this brand to be able to accomplish exactly that.

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